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Skydive Strathallan

Skydive Strathallan provides tandem skydiving as well as first time solo parachute jumps in Central Scotland. The club is also a full facility for experienced skydivers. Please use the options above to explore what the club has to offer.

Strathallan Airfield

Strathallan Airfield. The red aircraft is a Cessna Caravan and the white aircraft is a Cessna 206.

The former Strathallan Aircraft Collection used to be housed in the large hangar, a Comet and Shackleton used to sit in the triangular grass area below. The circle outside the hangar is for the parachutists.

Cessna 206, G-CCSN, climbs over Ardbennie Farm near Madderty.

The disused Perth to Crieff railway line cuts diagonally across the picture.

Cessna 206, G-CCSN Cessna 206, G-CCSN, awaiting the next load of parachutists
Cessna 206, G-CCSN

The business end of Cessna 206, G-CCSN.

The front seat has been removed To enable the parachutists to get as far forward as possible in order to place the centre of gravity under the wings.

Cessna 206, G-BXRO Cessna 206, G-BXRO, the third in the Skydive Strathallan para-drop fleet
Cessna 206, G-BXRO

Cessna 206, G-BXRO. The control column grip has been removed and a tennis ball protects the end of the control column shaft.

A small Carbon Monoxide detector strip can be seen on the instrument panel

G-BPGE, Cessna 206 G-BPGE, Cessna 206, the flag ship of the Skydive Strathallan fleet.
G-BPGE, Cessna 206 The cockpit of G-BPGE, Cessna 206. the second seat has been installed for pilot training
G-BPGE, Cessna 206 G-BPGE, Cessna 206.