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Tealing, just off the A90 Dundee - Aberdeen Road has two properties in the care of Historic Scotland.

The Doocot

The first is a Doocot, the Tealing Dovecot, is a fine example of the many doocots that still can be found dotted around the country. Pigeons, once prized for their meat were kept in Dove Cottages, or Doocots in the Middle Ages, but by the time of the 17th century the pigeons had made a fine mess and were and have been since considered pests.

This doocot has DMHG, the monogram of Sir David Maxwell of Tealing's wife on the lintel above the door, while his own coat of arms adorns the gable.


The Doocot Lady maxwell's monogram
The Doocot Lady maxwell's monogram
Pigeon holes Ever wondered where the expression "Pigeon hole" came from?
Pigeon holes  

The Souterrain

The Souterrain or Earth House dates from the Iron Age and was thought to be in use up to the time of the Roman invasion of Scotland.

The Souterrain is an underground store house, which was built beside a house.

On some of the stones there can be found cup and rings marks. The cup marks are small indentations in the stone while the ring mark, in this case is a spiral.

One of the entrance ways the other entranceway
One of the entrance ways, one of the cup and ring marks can be seen on the lower left The Little Purple Narky One takes a stroll at the other entrance way
A stone with cup marks The cup and spiral ring marks
A stone with cup marks The cup and spiral ring marks