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RAF Halton, No. 1 SoTT

A visit to No.1 School of Technical Training, RAF Halton in the late 1970s.

These slides have suffered badly from the ravages of time and mildew. They are presented as is and for the record of something long gone.

WJ872 Canberra T.4 WJ872 Canberra T.4 The nose section was reported to be with 327 (ATC) Sqd, Kilmarnock, Strathclyde.
WJ880 Canberra T.4 WJ880 Canberra T.4 The nose section of this aircraft is now a travelling display with the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum.
WP314 Sea Prince T.1 WP314 Sea Prince T.1 573-CU 8634M Now preserved at the aircraft museum at Carlisle.
XJ526 Sea Vixen FAW.2 8145M XJ526 Sea Vixen FAW.2 8145M, eventually went onto the dump at Halton
XJ582 Sea Vixen 8139M XJ582 Sea Vixen FAW.2 8139M, this aircraft eventually went to the dump at Cottesmore 27Jan80.
XM271 Canberra B(I).8

My friend Robert Milroy and the Chief Tech that gave us the tour around the SoTT stand in front of one of the more exotic Canberras, the Laarbruch based PR.9

XM271 Canberra B(I).8, 8204M eventually scrapped at Foulness Apr91

XM271 Canberra B(I).8 XM271 Canberra B(I).8,8204M eventually scrapped at Foulness Apr91
XM367 Jet Provost T.3 XM367 Jet Provost T.3, 8083M, eventually scrapped at Bruntingthorpe Apr95
XM369 Jet Provost T.3

XM369 Jet Provost T.3 with the maintenance serial 8084M. This aircraft went Lumb, Rossendale, Llancashire, undergoing active restoration. http://www.xm369.co.uk/

It is also reported to be sent to a scrapyard in Portsmouth.

XM467 Jet Provost T.3 XM467 Jet Provost T.3, 8085M, reported to have been sund in Gildenburg Lake, Cambs.